Tutorial: Export Image and Worldfile from ArcGIS

The Imagemap Generator needs a georeferenced Jpeg file (Jpeg and World-File) and a Shapefile containing the geometry data and the URL for the clickable areas.

You can find examples for the input-files here

Next you will see how to produce these files with ArcGIS (Sorry for the German Screenshots).

  1. Export the map. First switch the view in ArcGIS to see the data frame

  2. Next choose file -> Export map

  3. Tick write World-File. This will generate the image of your map and the World-File.

  4. Project the shapefile to the same georeference as your dataframe. Otherwise the coordinates in the Shapefile do not match the Worldfile.
    Use the Toolbox under Data Management Tools -> Project
  5. Exporting the Shapefile is not necessary, just find the .shp and .dbf files in your directory.
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